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Once upon a time a French guy who, after reaching the skies, had a vision. He could see children sharing the joy and happiness he felt while circling around our little blue planet.

Patrick Baudry, decided to create a place to welcome youngsters and, why not, adults. A place where they could feel, touch Space.
He assembled a team of big kids who shared his passion and, together, they dreamed this magic place that would become the SPACE CAMP PATRICK BAUDRY. (and later Cité de l'Espace).

To make it even more magical, they found a place at Cannes, between an airport and a satellite factory.

If I am writing about this today, it is because I had the privilege to share this dream. I worked there several months. I cannot forget all the little faces with they mouth wide open, sparkling eyes, entering this site for the first time. They were welcomed by people in blue boiler suits. Satellites and rockets everywhere, training machines could not lie about what would be their next 7 days at the Space Camp: "I am going to train like an astronaut, dress like an astronaut, eat like an astronaut, learn thousands of things about space, how to get there, survive, work and come back."

Unfortunately, this centre was on Earth and people on Earth do not value a child's dream. Probably because of money, greed and jealousy, Patrick could not keep it open. Never mind, thousands of children came and they have now become adults.I am sure that in their heart and in their life, these few days touching the stars, floating in weightlessness still have a great place.

Patrick Baudry
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